Month: April 2017

Gaeilgeóir na Seachtaine 24-3-17

Is iad buaitheóirí teastas Gaeilgeóir na Seachtaine ná:

The Gaeilgeóir na Seachtaine certificates this week were awarded to:

Ben Power, Pruthvi Katti, Donnacha Siggins, Alex Birmingham, Ross Carolan, Jude McKenna, Ben Deegan, Bradley Feery, Adam Meehan, Nathan McDonnell, Callum Emmett, Ryan Proudfoot, Chris Nevin.


Maith Sibh!


Gaeilgeóir na Seachtaine 31-3-17

Is iad buatheóirí teastas Gaeilgeóir na Seachtaine ná:

This week the certificates for Gaeilgeóir na Seachtaine were awarded to:

Jack Dunne, Jonathan McQuirk, Craig O’ Carroll, Nathan Field, Seán Healy, Jake McCawley, Patrick Rochford, Seán Corboy, Nathan Niven, Conor Daly, Jamie Murtagh, Jack Kelly, Justin Rankin.



Maith Sibh! Ar Fheabhas!

Gaeilgeóir na Seachtaine

Gach seachtain tugtar teastas do Ghaeilgóir na Seachtaine i ngach rang. Bíonn an teastas tuilte ag na buachaillí a dhéanann sár iarracht sa Ghaelige.

Every week a  Gaeilgeóir na Seachtaine certificate is awarded in every class. This certificate is earned by the boys who have made a great effort with Irish.

Guess the number of sweets….

Well done boys for guessing how many sweets where in the sweet jar.

Don’t eat them all at once now!

Easter Colouring Competition Winners

The Big Quiz Fundraiser!

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