Flight of the Bumblebee!

This week the boys had the pleasure of working with Mr. Mulhern. They listened to a famous piece of music by Rimsky Korsakov called ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ and respond to this music through their artwork using paint and straws! Some amazing pieces of work were being created today!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Criminals are on the loose!

Criminals are on the loose in room 11 but our Garda Station is taking care of it! The boys are investigating crimes; taking crime calls; taking prints and solving many cases. Room 11 is in safe hands with our Gardaí on the case.

Number 9

The boys have been learning all about the number 9. To help us learn about this we did different activities at each Math Station that involved the story of nine, take a look!

Our Bronze Certificate Food Dude Achievers!

Marking the beginning of Spring with our ‘Cherry Blossom’ trees

The boys created some beautiful art today using our pastel colours and we learned all about how best to use pastels and what colours would work best! What a great job they did, I was very impressed, well done boys!


Reading Buddies with 4th Class!

Mr. Ryan’s class and our class have buddied up during Library time! It’s a great way for the boys to share their reading with each other; both classes have the opportunity to show off their brilliant reading skills in their paris! Listening to the great expressions in the boys voices and hearing how super senior infants are at sounding out and blending independently and with the support of fourth class is great to see!

Planting our Daffodil Bulbs!

Our Math Stations

We are learning all about the number 8 right now. We created the story of 8 on our play dough station and when using the pegs! We also worked on patterns and addition. Our challenge station was to figure out whether the addition and subtraction facts I made were true or false.  Take a look at how smart the boys in R.11 are!

Hello Spring!

We had great fun creating our own special flowers to start off our Spring topic! We used lots of different types of fabric and fibre. Some lovely flowers have been created that I would love in my back garden!!

More pictures to follow….

The Walls of Limerick

The boys have been working really well in their Irish Dance teams to learn the Walls of Limerick! We will be all set for our ceilí come Seachtain na Gaeilge!

Morning Play

The boys are always trying their best and learning and I am always delighted to see when they are creative with their spelling!