The Colour Wheel in room 13

The boys showing off both their colour mixing and painting skills.

The 3 Little Pigs STEM Project

We watched an old Disney cartoon of the story of The 3 Little Pigs. Of course this is usually aimed at a younger audience, but afterwards the boys were tasked with designing houses made of straw, sticks and bricks (straws, lollipop sticks and jenga blocks), that could withstand the Big Bad Wolf (a hairdryer in disguise). They really got heavily involved in this design and make activity, resulting in some very ingenious designs that were successful in defending against repeated wolf attacks.

Pancake Tuesday in Room 13

We all were very well fed this week for pancake Tuesday. Not only did we get to eat some delicious pancakes, we learned how to make them. So now all of the boys in room 13 will be able to look after everyone at home with freshly made pancakes whenever they like.

Credit Union Quiz

On Tuesday 6 February two quiz teams from St David’s BNS attended the Credit Union Quiz night in Parnell’s GAA Club. The eight boys were selected from the fifth and sixth classes with two boys from each class participating.

The boys were a credit to the school and their parents on the night. They looked smart in their uniforms, gave their best effort and behaved impeccably.

Well Done Boys! Thanks also to their parents for supporting the event.

Buddy Reading – Junior Infants and 4th Class

Music Week Assembly

Last week was music week in school, and every class prepared and performed a song at Friday’s assembly. There was an amazing mix of songs and really great talent from all classes!

Ms O’Donnell – Junior Infants


Ms Cahill – Senior Infants


Ms O’Leary – 1st Class


Ms Burns – 2nd Class


Mr Ryan – 3rd Class


Ms Duke – 3rd Class


Ms Keyes- 4th Class


Mr Tobin- 5th Class


Ms Ryan – 5th Class


Mr Conaghan – 6th Class


Mr Moloney – 6th Class


Here are some photos from the day!

Mrs Grealy and Mrs Roche were cooking up a storm!

Circuits – 6th Class

For PE today we undertook circuit training. As a class, we brainstormed different ideas and skills we could incorporate into the session. The boys were careful to include both physical and technical activities and to stagger them so that each muscle would get a rest. 

Science Workshop

Fourth class attended a great science workshop in St. David’s CBS today. There were 6 different stations set up in the science lab, and each one was led by one or two transition year students. We got to try each experiment and had plenty of time to ask lots of questions and learn all about what we were doing. It was a fantastic morning!

Yoga & Mindfulness

Our middle and senior classes were delighted to start yoga and mindfulness again today! What a lovely way to start the week off. We are already looking forward to next Monday.

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