Month: September 2017

St David’s Student Council 2017/2018

The student are the most important part of our school.

The students Council aims to give the student an even greater voice in the direction and progression of our school.

Say hello to the St. David’s Students’ Council of 2017/2018

Well done to all the boys on being selected to represent their class and school.

Tree Survey

Our 3rd class went on a mission to discover all the different types of trees we have on the school grounds. The first step was a leaf gathering exercise, which was great fun for all.

Blue Day 2017

Our New Infant Yard!

Check out our new infant yard! The boys are having a great time running around and playing hopscotch and counting up to 10 on our snake. We have even held our first assembly of the year in the yard and it was a great success! 

Gaeilgeoirí na Seachtaine 08/09/17

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