June  2017 

Sports Day

We had a fantastic sports day today! The morning began with a game of dodgeball, followed by a tug-of-war and some relay races. Later we had a mix of games- Olympic handball, football, hockey, tag rugby and rounders! The afternoon was lots of fun with an obstacle course and we ended the day with some novelty races!

School Tour Challenge

Having completed the Couch to 5K challenge already this year, we decided to take on a new challenge for our school tour! We took a trip to Co. Wicklow and climbed to the very top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Well done boys!

Paper Mâché Pets

We’ve had a lot of fun creating these paper mâché pets over the last couple of weeks. The boys are really excited to share this work. We took our time making these as they required quite a few steps, and it was worth it because they turned out great!

First, we created our pet shapes using cardboard, paper and masking tape. Next, we covered them in a layer or two of paper mâché- which was a bit messy and lots of fun! Once the pets were dry and hardened, the boys took some time to think about how they would like their finished pet to look. We decided to design them on paper before we got painting, and this really helped with finishing them off! 

We <3 Maths!

Our maths stations last Friday were taken over by some of our favourite maths games and challenges. The boys played Fraction Wars, Four in a Row, Race the Tables, and Mental Maths Challenge Cards.

May  2017 

Picasso Artwork

This week, we learned about Cubism and Picasso. The boys were excited to get creating their own Cubism portraits, and we decided to make a game out of it! The boys rolled a dice for each feature, checked the chart of the whiteboard, and created their portraits based on what they rolled. Their work is amazing and it was SO fun!

Metalwork Workshop

Last Friday, we had the fantastic opportunity to visit St. David’s Secondary School and attend a metalwork workshop. It was so exciting! Each boy made his own keyring by using a few different metalwork techniques! Have a look at the photos of the boys busy at work!

Reading Buddies

We’ve been having great fun every Wednesday with our reading buddies from Mrs. Ryan’s senior infants! 

Culture Day Art

We did lots of projects and artwork for our two countries for culture day- Argentina and Kenya! Have a look at our fact files, our La Boca houses of Beunos Aires, our Maasai huts from Kenya and our African necklaces!

April  2017

Optical Illusion Art

We had fun in art and created some cool optical illusions known as “Op Art Shading Blobs”.


We started with a simple wobbly line, added dots across it, and then began to join the dots until we had these great designs. Once we added colour, the work popped right out of the page!

Some boys took to the artist’s chair afterwards to talk about their work and how much they enjoyed making them!


PowerPoint Projects

Our class have been putting our ICT skills to the test, and the boys have done a fantastic job of creating their very own PowerPoint project on their chosen topic.

I am so impressed by the great work done by everyone! It can be a little nerve wrecking to stand in front of the classroom and present your work, but that didn’t stop anyone in room 9! Each presentation was amazing!

We have learned so much from each other about many different topics. We had Walt Disney,  space, Lego, the brain, monkeys, London, boxing… the list goes on!! Well done boys!


Couch to 5K

The big day finally arrived! After weeks of training and hard work from every single boy, we completed our 5k run. A BIG well done to all who participated. What an amazing achievement!!


March  2017

Sow and Grow

This week we planted some seeds from Sow and Grow! The boys planted cress, baby carrots and runner beans. We are really excited to see them grow! So far, we have some lovely cress sprouting up. Well done to Donnacha for being our Star Grower this week!

2D Shapes

We had some fun in maths this week with 2D shapes. We learned about tessellation and made some funky patterns with our shapes! For art, we used 2D shapes to create Lego men self portraits!

Feb  2017

Mindfulness and Yoga

We are so lucky to have started a 6 week programme of mindfulness and yoga here in the senior end of St. David’s!

Spring Art

Have a look at our lovely spring flowers! We started this project last week by painting different tones of Spring colours on pieces of paper. We used pinks, purples, greens, yellows and blues. Once they were dry, we cut out petals and leaves and stuck them all together to make our beautiful flowers!

Maths and Science

We’ve been having great fun in maths and science this week! We learned about weight, mass and gravity. In maths we have been busy estimating and weighing different items around the classroom (even eachother!! :D). In science, we investigated gravity with lots of activities, and then planned and made our own parachutes!

Valentine’s Art

We’ve been working on some great art and cards for Valentine’s Day!


Couch to 5K

We are doing couch to 5K training and so far we are really enjoying it!

Jan 2017

Viking Projects

A very Happy New Year from all of us here in Room 9!

Image result for happy new year

We have a very exciting few months ahead of us and we are ready to work hard this term. This week, we are talking about our goals for the new year and looking back on all that we achieved in 2016.

Our first goal is to make sure we keep everyone up to date with what’s going on in our classroom on this great new blog! Check back soon to see more!