Carol Service

We went to our very first Carol Service. Some boys in our class acknowledged where they came from, some did really well at their prayers of the faithful, we listened to some beautiful songs sung by our school choir and best of all, we got to donate all the lovely food!

Decorating our Christmas Tree

We all picked a bauble and put it on our Room 1 Junior Infant Christmas tree.

New Math Stations

We are now able to move on to more tricky early finisher math stations to challenge us. Take a look at what they have in store for the next few weeks: Number formation, patterns with camels, counting domino car parks, adding the correct amount of links to our number cards and building tall block towers by using the correct number of blocks for each one.

Our Space topic is coming to an end

We have had so much fun with our Space topic this month! Here are a couple of pictures of our last stations that we are completing this week and some of our work on display. 

Book Fair has arrived!

Our Literacy Stations

We have been working hard on our Jolly Phonic sounds and so we are now practicing tracing, making and writing our letters in different ways. We are tracing our letters using paint bags because they feel funny and it’s fun, we are also tracing our letters using our bead boxes. We are making the letter h with play dough as it is the sound of the week and finally, we are practicing writing the letters e and k with our whiteboard markers because we find these letters tricky! 

Science Week!

To celebrate science we decided to design our own rockets and create an experiment to let our rockets blast off into space! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Blast off!

We Practiced our Road Safety Code

We need to remember to: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK

Also, don’t forget the Sheriff is looking for us to Buuuuuuckle up when driving.

Road Safety Visit

Working Hard in Junior Infants

We have been working hard in Aistear, counting and ordering our numbers, careful colouring our Space pictures and making jigsaws independently believe it or not! Clever boys in R.1 !

Number Work

One of our stations during Aistear this month is working on numbers using the play dough mats! We say the number and make it and count the stars and make them.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

We started off November with such excitement! All Junior Infants are getting the chance to become astronauts in R.1. We have been working at the control panel, designing rockets, making our astronaut jigsaws, doing some mindfulness space rocket colouring, creating our numbers using our rockets and finally some cutting and sticking of the planets! We have been busy blasting off to Space. 

Warning: Scary pictures below!

The boys in Junior Infants made a great effort dressing up this year for our Halloween Parade!! Beware, you may need a pillow to cover your eyes….

Math Stations

The boys are always challenging themselves with new math stations to play and work on ! You can see this month, the boys were working on tracing over their numbers; matching numerals with their corresponding pictures; finding their matching fish cards; using their pegs boards to make patterns and creating shapes using shapes! They’ve been quite busy!

Our Nature Trail!

Autumn – Hedgehogs

In room 1 we have been learning all about hedgehogs: what they eat, how they feel, what they look like and how they protect themselves. We then decided to create our own hedgehogs. Have a look..


Our Construction Site Aistear Play

The boys have been throughly enjoying playing in our Construction Site this month! We are learning all about materials and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Have a look and see the houses the boys built for the three little pigs. We have also  been busy practicing our fine motor skills at our Funky Fingers station! We have been spending time with Ms. Flemming at our reading station and lastly, we have been reacting a construction site at our Small World station. Busy boys we have been in Junior Infants!

Our Self-Portraits

Can you guess which one is your child?

Our first assembly was on Blue Day!

Our First Day!

Well what a day we have had! The Junior Infant boys had a great first day. They made lots of new friends and were brought on a tour around the school and even got to meet Mary in the office! Myself, Ms. Flemming and Sandra cannot wait to have you all back tomorrow for another day of fun. Take a look at how super their line was on day one!