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A Day at the Farm

We had a super day at Causey Farm for our school tour this year. We got to do loads of different activities and see lots of farm animals. There were awesome tunnels, big dominoes, a mirror maze, bubble blowing, a tractor hay ride (with sing song), an obstacle course, pigs (or chubby oinkers), dogs, sheep, geese, chickens, roosters and ducks. We finished the day with a lovely mud bath in the bog that was very hard for us to leave (literally, as some of us got stuck). We all had a brilliant day.


Bubble Time!!

For our latest STEM activity the boys were investigating which liquid would make the best bubbles. There were 4 choices; hand soap, washing up liquid, bubble bath and shower gel. The results were very messy but very impressive. See if you can spot the clever boy who managed to get his head inside a bubble!!!!


3D Shapes

Using K’Nex is a great way to learn about 3D shapes. The boys did a super job in making their own shapes using the K’Nex rods and connectors.

2D Shapes

We couldn’t find any shapes to use in the school, so we just made them ourselves.

Balloon Rockets

The boys were given a challenge to try and fire a cardboard roll along a piece of string using only a balloon to propel it. This is the result. It was a lot of noisy fun with several burst balloons, but the boys did superbly.


The Colour Wheel in room 13

The boys showing off both their colour mixing and painting skills.


The 3 Little Pigs STEM Project

We watched an old Disney cartoon of the story of The 3 Little Pigs. Of course this is usually aimed at a younger audience, but afterwards the boys were tasked with designing houses made of straw, sticks and bricks (straws, lollipop sticks and jenga blocks), that could withstand the Big Bad Wolf (a hairdryer in disguise). They really got heavily involved in this design and make activity, resulting in some very ingenious designs that were successful in defending against repeated wolf attacks.


Pancake Tuesday in Room 13

We all were very well fed this week for pancake Tuesday. Not only did we get to eat some delicious pancakes, we learned how to make them. So now all of the boys in room 13 will be able to look after everyone at home with freshly made pancakes whenever they like.

Ice Balloons

We had a lot of frosty fun using all 5 of our senses to observe ice balloons. We had to discover as much information as possible about them. When we had learned all we could we got to smash them up in the yard. It was loads of fun.

A Visit from Customs

We had great fun when we had a visit from a team from Dublin Airport customs recently, including their sniffer dogs. The dogs are used to find all kinds of things that aren’t allowed be carried into Ireland, such as money, illegal drugs and even certain types of food. We were even treated to a demonstration, which was very cool.


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