April 2018
Spelling List 23rd – 27th April 2018

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A Veggie Update!

Here’s a peek at how our vegetables are getting along this week. It has been very exciting to see them all start to sprout!

Picasso Portraits

We had a bit of fun with our art this week. After learning about Pablo Picasso’s cubism style, we made a little game out of drawing our own cubism portraits! The boys had to roll the dice and follow the number rolled to get their face shape, eyes, ears, mouth and nose. We had lots of laughs at what came up, and the finished pieces look amazing!

Spelling List 16th – 20th April 2018

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Sow & Grow

This week we’ve been planting some vegetables in 4th class. We planted a mix of cress, spinach and peas. We’re very excited to see them grow!! 

Spelling List 9th – 13th April 2018

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March 2018
An Athletic Easter Egg Hunt

The boys found an “Easter egg” at each of our athletic stations in PE today. The eggs gave instructions for the challenge at each station. It was lots of fun!

EGGsperimenting in 4th!

We all know the story of poor Humpty Dumpty, and how all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put poor Humpty back together after he fell off the wall! In 4th class we decided to investigate how we could protect Humpty and his egg friends from breaking in the first place! The boys used lots of different materials to protect their egg, and then we let them fall to test their work. Sadly, we had  a few casualties, but we’re happy to report we had some success too!

Easter Art Activties

We used line and pattern to create funky Easter bunnies in 4th Class!

We also made an Easter wreath that tells the Easter Story from when Jesus entered Jerusalem, and the story of how Jesus died and was resurrected.

Leprechauns in 4th Class!
Lá Sneachta

The boys did a great job writing all about their snow days as Gaeilge!

We also had lots of fun with science investigating the effects of salt on ice. We saw that the salt caused the ice to melt quickly, which is how the roads are cleared during the snow! 

Mother’s Day Poetry

The Vikings Are Coming!

Fourth class had to design and make a Viking Longship for homework last week. The goal was to use materials around the house- a mix of recyclables, art materials, or anything else that might be useful! They all did a fantastic job and had really interesting stories about their process. Well done boys.

Spelling List 5th – 9th March 2018

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February 2018
Lent in Room 5

Happy Valentines Day!

The boys put a lot of love into their Valentines art! We made our own stamps using styrofoam and then used these for printing. We also enjoyed making some cards!

Ag Déanamh Pancóga

We had great fun making pancakes today for Pancake Tuesday. They were so yummy. The boys then laid out the instructions in the correct order, as Gaeilge, in their copies. Maith sibh buachaillí!

Clay Dragon Eyes

The boys made dragon eyes with clay. Once the clay was dry we painted them using some different types of paint to give a great effect!

January 2018
Science Workshop

Fourth class attended a great science workshop in St. David’s CBS today. There were 6 different stations set up in the science lab, and each one was led by one or two transition year students. We got to try each experiment and had plenty of time to ask lots of questions and learn all about what we were doing. It was a fantastic morning!

Spelling List 22nd – 26th January 2018

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Winter Poetry & Beanie Hats!

We’ve been working hard on our poetry this week. They boys have written some excellent poems about winter. To go along with these we made some cute beanie hats during art! The boys drew and designed their hats using white crayons. They then painted over the crayon and the results are really fabulous! 

Yoga & Mindfulness 

The boys were delighted to start yoga and mindfulness again today! It was a lovely way to start the week off. We are already looking forward to next Monday!

Spelling List 15th -19th January 2018

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 Happy New Year!

We hope you like our New Year’s Eve inspired paintings! The boys used straws to blow the paint into the style of fireworks. They also wrote some personal goals for 2018!

Estimating and Measuring Length!

Fourth class put their Maths Eyes ?  to the test today! We took some metre rulers and went on a hunt around the school hall. The boys challenged each other to estimate the length of lots of different things, from desks to sockets, shoes to bodies! They then measured each item to see how close their estimate was. As you can see from the photos below, we had lots of fun!

Spelling List 8th – 12th January 2018

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December 2017
Light Up Christmas Cards

We’ve been investigating and making circuits in 4th class. The boys designed Christmas cards and attached a circuit to add a light to their design! How amazing are these?! 😀 Great job boys!

Secret Santa in Room 5!

The boys had so much fun swapping Secret Santa presents!


November 2017
Spelling List 20th -27th November 2017

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Illuminated Letters

We’ve been learning about the Book of Kells. The boys studied some illuminated letters from the book and used oil pastels to create their own first initial. They did such a fantastic job!

Reading Buddies

Fourth class joined Ms Cahill’s senior infant boys in the library for some buddy reading this week. We had a lot of fun!

Lava Lamps

This week is Science Week and we are having great fun experimenting in 4th class. Today we made lava lamps and the results were so exciting! Mr. Moore came to visit and see our work!

Making Rainbows

The boys took turns making rainbows using a glass filled with water, some paper and some sunlight!


The Titanic

We have been learning about the tragic maiden voyage of The Titanic. The boys did plenty of research in their groups and then wrote some fantastic newspaper reports, painted some amazing abstract Titanic pictures, and made waterfall booklets bursting with interesting facts!

Sturdy Ships

After studying the Titanic, we used sheets of tinfoil to construct sturdy ships. We had some successes and some unfortunate sinking once we added weight to the boats!

October 2017
Halloween Party

Have a great mid-term break everyone!

Sam Maguire

Supporting our GAA boys at Croke Park!

Spooky Schoolwork!  

Here in Room 5 we’ve been doing lots of frighteningly fun work in the lead up to Halloween! 

We created Haunted House pictures and wrote “For Sale” ads for them. We mixed a witch’s bubbly green potion using teacher’s tears, crushed bones and bats blood 😉 and we build “Bone Bridge” so that our ghoulish guests of pumpkins, vampires and witches could stand on!

Homework On The Cloud

This week 4th class have been working hard at presenting PowerPoint presentations. The boys researched a topic of their choice at home and made a PowerPoint about it before presenting it to the class. It has been SO interesting and we’ve all learned a lot about many different topics, from hurricanes to cruises, Premier League to scooters, and more!

Spelling List 23rd – 27th October 2017

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Connect 4 With a Twist!

The boys enjoyed playing Subtraction Connect 4!

Spelling List 9th – 13th October 2017

Our spellings our listed on Spelling City this year! They have some exciting games the boys can play to help them with learning their spellings. For this week’s spellings please visit spellingcity.com.

Lines and Angles 

After learning all about different lines and angles, we went on a hunt around the school to find some interesting lines and angles and took photos. Our work is displayed on the school’s main maths board in the corridor! 

Perspective Artwork

The boys used rules of perspective to create fantastic works of art showing the road ahead!

September 2017

We’ve been interviewing our older relatives and sharing these interviews with the rest of the class. We’ve heard about so many interesting lives! We then made these fabulous family trees to display in our classroom.


Ms. Keyes brought in a Mystery Bucket today! We poured different coloured liquids in and plain water came out of the other end… We investigated the bucket and made predictions about what could be happening inside!

English Stations

The boys did some really great work at different stations today. It was a lot of fun.


Today we practiced our passing skills in PE!