Dancing class is available on Thursdays from 2:40pm to 3:40pm. (New Term beginning: 26th January 2017)

Open to children from Junior to Second Class.

Dance has been running for three successful consecutive years; founded by Ms. Mc Cole.

Come and join the fun with Ms McCole and Ms Cahill!

Some of the benefits of this class include:

a) Social Skills: Learning to socialise with others from a young age is a vital part of a child’s cognitive development. The ability to express emotion comfortably in front of others shows mental maturity and learning to do so through movement and dance provides a safe gateway for young children to explore.

b) Teamwork: Being part of a group activity, such as learning a dance routine, promotes the importance of teamwork and develops the ability to work successfully in a group environment.

c) Co-ordination: Dancing also improves a child’s co-ordination, especially at a time when they are rapidly developing in an ever-changing and evolving environment.

d) Confidence: This is the biggest improvement we see in the children who attend this class.