Here in St. David’s we practise mindfulness and yoga, which helps us to get in tune with our feelings and can help to calm our minds as well as our bodies.

We also use breath work as a way to help us to respond to situations as they arise rather than to react..

Stop, Breath, Walk Away or Tell Someone

Pupils enjoy some quiet time each day in class listening to a guided mediation, which can have a very calming effect in today’s busy world!

This term, each Wednesday, Maura Broaders, a qualified yoga teacher and positive living advocate, visits our school to practise yoga with the boys. Yoga improves circulation, concentration, memory, agility, posture, balance, fitness levels, self-esteem…. and it’s really fun too!

Here is what the infants have to say about it:

I like arching my back!” – Kayden, R.11

” I like closing my eyes and relaxing.” – Adam, R.11

“I like the buzzy bee!” – Chris, R.11

I love it! She tells a story.“- Daniel, R.11